February 5th Friday

So I was called in to help in surgery again today. Once again not as sexy as it sounds when you tell someone you're a surgeon. Surgical intern is very different from surgeon. There were two operating theatres on the go at the same time and Síofra wasn't it the mood to head down so I was up once again. I made sure I drank some water and wasn't going to faint. It would be a fucking disaster if I did.

So changed out of the shirt and tie and placed it in a pile on the top of the lockers; I've given up on attempting to iron at this stage and put on a pair of scrubs. They were obviously way to big for me but coming in later in the day the normal sizes were all gone to the senior surgeons. I tried to look like I belonged there and was tempted to take a picture to send to mom to show how I was a real surgeon but resisted. I really didn't want to be that guy that uploaded pictures of himself in the hospital to Facebook; that was okay in medical school (not really) but I was supposed to be a professional now.

I got scrubbed in and was chastised for taking so long to get into the theatre. The patient bed was pretty high up so one of the nurses quickly got me a little stool to stand on (great now I'm even higher off the floor if I fall). I don't even know what the surgeon's name was that was operating but very quickly my face was about 1 foot away from a slimy looking lump in someone's abdomen that I certainly hadn't seen in any anatomy books in medical school. The surgeon was quickly working away with his scalpel and diathermy with little entrails of smoke dissipating out of the abdomen. I was quite surprised at how little blood there actually was with the abdomen wide open.

I was assisting in the operation. In real terms though that meant that I was standing there with metal retractors holding bits and pieces of human out of the field of vision of the surgeon. I wasn't being spoken to or anything but at some stage he told me to put my hand in and touch the lump to which I obliged.

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