'Cancer'. Was the one word he said.

'Cool'. I said.

See those? A finger enclosed in latex-free rubber and a veneer of blood pointed.



'Ah. Interesting'

What a bloody inappropriate thing to say. Even I knew that metastases spread out in the abdomen was a bad thing. I didn't need a first to know that.

What I did wish I knew at that stage was the patients name. I didn't even know whether the patient was a male or female. From where I was standing I couldn't see down and see if there was a uterus poking it's top out at me to give me a clue. It's an odd feeling that my hands were inside someone's abdomen and I knew they had metastatic cancer and they didn't. They didn't even know that some young kid would be holding them wide open and making sure the surgeon could do their work. Just odd, odd, odd.

Gonna need a couple drinks tonight.

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