February 6th Saturday

Met up with Ronan last night and he's stopping his medical scheme at the end of July. The job he's on is pretty good but apparently locum work is way more lucrative. There's a hiring freeze on so the hospitals can't hire any more full time junior doctors but they need them in some places so they have to hire locums. Locum doctors get paid like forty euro plus an hour whereas an SHO gets like twenty or something along those lines; some serious money to be made there. You choose your hours. You choose when you want time off to study and the biggest bonus would probably be that you don't have to deal with the HSE or the medical administration in any hospital in Ireland!

Financially though you really have to wonder who came up with the idea. I'm no expert in maths but it really doesn't make sense to not hire a doctor full time at twenty Euro an hour and hire someone to fill his or her place at forty-five Euro an hour on a temporary basis. To do the same work; and with less oversight...etc.........

February 7th Sunday

Lazy Sunday.

Half the day sleeping and then I seriously, very seriously, very very seriously gave a thought to going for a run. In the end I just ordered the 19.95 Euro pizza special from Pizza Hut and went to bed. Most people lose weight in Intern year I think from the long hours; I’m gaining.

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