Kevin Hartigan can save your life.

One of Ireland’s newest Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors, with the glorious title of ‘Intern’ he will be drawing your blood, searching for your lost radiological scans, and catheterizing your privates; all with a smile and a flowing white coat of a cape. 

Only a month after graduating at the middle lower end of his class he is experiencing his first day on the job, and his first real job ever, as your physician at the age of 23. One hundred hour work weeks are on the way out as the Health Service Executive brings the European Working Time Directive into place across the country and doctors make loads of money…or so Kevin is led to believe. 

The next six months will be a roller-coaster of emotions, sleepless on-call nights, friendships and enemies, needle sticks, occasional sex, and loads of first-dose drugs mixed and delivered into your veins.

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