Kevin Hartigan is a young Irish doctor.

Freshly minted from the bowels of medical school and with the power to now write prescriptions for drugs that he doesn't know a thing about, he is plunged into the world of surgery. As an Intern, he attempts to balance a hectic life outside the hospital's eighty hour work weeks with the unfortunate, macabre, and sometimes humorous moments that punctuate the life of a junior doctor. What is it like to declare someone dead when you are twenty three years young? How will blood, gore, vomit, and urine take its toll on a future Consultant?

An idea born from the excesses of quiet Dublin snow pints, a book writing challenge was made. Now complete, it can be yours to hopefully enjoy, provoke discussion, and reflect on. In the process, you will support a number of worthwhile charities.

An excerpt from Time to Retract was the winner of the 2011 Irish Medical Writers Aindreas McEntee Prize.

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